Security Bollards

Tudor Engineers offers a full range of rising bollards, available as electro-
mechanical or hydraulic units, each as a self-contained pre-wired system.

Pillar B

Anti-terrorist hydraulic bollard with incorporated hydraulic control unit. Suitable for protecting sensitive sites, thanks to the special “SD” version, which keeps the shaft raised in case of a power failure and with public installations where, in the standard version, the shaft lowers automatically with no power

Ranch C

Fixed bollards used for preventing access for long periods. Bolted to the ground, their purpose is to block an access point or a road. They can integrate the use of automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

Stoppy B

Complete range of automatic electromechanical retractable bollards for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access.Shaft height 500 and 700mm. Ideal for collective use.

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