Bike Racks

With the BIKE-PARKING-LIFT and optimal space planning, space costs are minimized and parking capacity maximized. – Furthermore, it is ensured that parking space regulations are constantly enforced and safety regulations are observed.

An Overall System Which
Convinces Completely

The existing bicycle parking products require either an adjustment of the headroom (> 210 cm) or a larger footprint to achieve the planned bicycle parking capacity. – This is the major cost driver in construction. The BIKE-PARKING-LIFT requires the least space per m3, and with optimal space planning, one achieves an overall system that provides maximum parking capacity with minimum space requirements.


  • With «NO-GRAVITY» technology
  • For all bikes up to 30 kg
  • Reliable mechanism
  • Very robust construction
  • No maintenance – no costs
  • Very easy operation
  • Maximum PS capacity per m2


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