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Car lift (without driver on board) with a roof covering that disappears into the ground becoming invisible. The roof of the car lift is at the same level as the courtyard/garden and has a capacity up to 2.700 kg (during the ascent and descent phases, the car parked on covering must be removed).

The plants are equipped with PLC with display which manages several safety devices for the user.

A wide range of possibilities of finishes and a roof covering that can be paved (max. 150 kg/m²) according to the tones and aesthetics of the building allow for the perfect integration of the system with the architecture.

The size and the capacity of the platform can be customised according to client requirements.

Systems ideal for outdoor installation, also usable as goods lifts.

A suitable peripheral channel allows for collecting rainwater and prevent flooding on the lower floors.

The standard plants are fully galvanised and can be coated in Triplex in a wide range of colours to harmonise them with the surrounding environment.

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