Combilift 542

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The combination of stacking and moving together with a pit arrangement provides additional height in the top level - parking space for Vans, SUV´s is provided.

Combilift 542

Independent parking in 2 levels above each other with a pit, suitable for when headroom is restricted. With a height of only 2,20 m as available for conventional parking garages, Combilift 542 provides 2 parking levels above each other.

This system has always one platform less at the entrance level. When requesting a lower level platform, the upper level platforms will move laterally until there is an empty space into which the appropriate platform is raised.


  • platform width up to 270 cm for platform loading 2000 kg - 2600 kg
  • car heights 150 cm - 205 cm according to requirements
  • allows SUVs at upper places with a restricted headroom of 2,20 m
  • variable arrangement of 2- 10 grids beside one another
  • combination of stacking and moving cars closer together
  • independent parking in 2 levels above each other
  • multi size options corresponding to car heights, car widths and platform loadings
  • easy operation and parking comfort
  • vehicles are parked behind theft-proof safety gates
  • high level of operating and functional safety (German TÜV/ CE certified)

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