Why have a maintenance contract?

As with any poroducot over time parts become worn and may need replacing. The manfcaturers or automation equipment recommend at least one maintenance check per annun. THis is to ensure the automation equipment is working correctly and does not contravene any health and safety regulatoins. Tudor Engineers Ltd would undertaket eh responsibility of maintaining equipment thus limitiing the chance of a bhreakdown and ensuring health and safety standards are maintained. Without this as the owner of the equipment you may become liable for accidents that may occur on site.

Response Times

All our contract come with a guarteed response time to suoit your individual requirements and secureuty needs. Out of ours contracts have access to our 24 hours paging service.

Main Benefits

The main benefits of our stardard 24 hour response preventitive maintenacnce contract are as follows:

  • 24 hour emergency callout facility
  • adds logevity to parts
  • optimising the performance of the equipment
  • helps minimise the likelihood of a 3rd party claim for injury or damage
  • increases level of securrity in the long term
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